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York County, Good Life, Great Home

People move to York County and people leave – what are the reasons? Is it just about the job opportunities or are there other considerations? Are there things York County can do to help recruit new residents? Once people have moved to York County, what might encourage new residents to stay?

These questions and others are being addressed in a community-wide effort, Marketing Hometown America, which began in January 2017. Residents had opportunities to participate through small group meetings or the community forums. York County Economic Development Corporation and York College are sponsoring the program.

To succeed in the process, we used small group facilitators.  The facilitators were integral to the success of the planning process, and implementation.


  • Facilitator training was November 28, 2016.  York College hosted this event.
  • Community Kick off January 10, 2017
  • Facilitators had 5 weeks to do the 4, 2-hour meetings
  • February 15, 2017, MAH Facilitator Wrap-up at York College
  • February 27, 2017, Community Action Meeting
  • Starting June 6th, the project will start moving forward again, as two interns come on that will help finish up the strategic plan, and Bre Goben, YCDC Development Coordinator will continue the process forward.
  • Fall 2017 - 15 York College Interns are working with community leaders to implement a project.
  • YCDC and partners are continuing to look at video and branding options.


For more information, call YCDC offices at 402-362-3333 or email