Life in York County

Are you looking for the perfect place to live? One that offers a multitude of amenities and a low cost of living? You can find it in York County, Nebraska.

York County is home to a growing population of millennials and families - people who have chosen to grow their career and to build a life in a county that is full of limitless opportunities.

Why York County, Nebraska?

York County is one of the premier places in America to build a good life. There are incredible job opportunities here and because the cost of living is low, families have more money to spend doing things they enjoy like going to dinner, catching a game or taking a vacation. They have more time too. The county has very little traffic, making it faster to run errands or to go to and from work or school.


Benefits of Living in York County

York County has a strong sense of community. People who move here comment on how quickly they felt at home, developed a sense of belonging and found a group of friends to belong to. People are open, warm, welcoming and friendly in York, so it does not take long to make friends for life.

Millennials can advance their careers quickly and grow into management roles.

High paying jobs are the norm.

The average home costs only $171,156!

The cost of living is low, leaving more money for travel and fun.

People are leading, contributing and making a difference.

It’s easy to advance your education at York College and Southeast Community College York Learning Center.

Entrepreneurs are succeeding here.

Opportunities are everywhere 


What York County Residents Have to Say

“I love that I can make a difference in my immediate community and the larger community that will affect the future of our area in positive ways,” said Kelsey Bergen.

“I’ve chosen to stay in York because it’s not only been a great place to work, but a fun place to live, and an even better place to grow. Living downtown gives me immediate access to restaurants and shopping, not to mention a front row seat to events like the Farmer’s Market and the annual Yorkfest Parade,” said Emily Lutz.

“Each Day I have a front row seat in watching the community develop and enjoy what York has to offer professionally as well as volunteer for local organizations’, like Teammates, Millennials, Girls on the Run, and United Way. All of which enhance the quality of life in the community. You feel the love, excitement, and community support at so many of the city’s events; we are in it together to make York the best.” Cheree Folts, York Parks & Rec’s Director.


Having Fun is Easy!

In York County, Nebraska residents enjoy life to the fullest by enjoying a wide range of parks & recreational activities. Whatever it is you are looking to do, York County has it, including festivals like Henderson’s Community Days, Spirit of Christmas, weekly Farmer’s Markets, Home Shows, YorkFest, and other community events. You can find community events at 

Plus, if you want to reach a Husker’s football game, you can be in Lincoln in only 45 minutes!


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Come explore York County, Nebraska and see what happens when work/life balance meets affordability.

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