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Coming Together to Grow January 2019

07 January 2019

York County businesses continue to tell a story of a need for talent and workforce. As of today, York County businesses have 361 open positions listed on NEWorks. There is a wide variety of positions listed, from highly skilled to entry-level positions. I would argue that the need for workers is greater, since some businesses do not use NEWorks for employee recruitment. Our research has shown that York County’s talent is impacted by items such as housing options, training, daycare, and quality of life. Those items are impacting both our ability to grow our existing business base, and also recruiting of additional businesses. York County businesses are able to recruit over 40% of their workforce from outside of York County (Source:  NPPD 2018 Trend Study), however to be realistic, to truly grow, we have to recruit outside of our labor market, and I believe outside of Nebraska.  I’ll speak on YCDC efforts on other activities another time, but today, I’d like to focus on talent recruitment.

Years ago, I was speaking to a manufacturing employee in northeast Nebraska who had come home to the mid-west after meeting an owner at a trade show. He told me that his family would have came back years ago, but he didn’t know of the opportunities in Nebraska or Iowa. He wasn’t looking to move back to the town he grew up in, but he and his wife wanted to be within a few hours’ drive of their parents, and wanted to raise their family in a rural town. In this case, they are not in the county they grew up, but they are back in Nebraska. I also know of businesses that have assisted their employees with training to move up at their company. This tells me with collaboration, there are opportunities to assist our businesses in filling their employment gap. We have to tell our story!

YCDC's Why York County Initiative targets talent and is our effort to tell the story on why York County is a good place to enjoy life, establish a career, build a business, find your tribe, and perhaps most important to some, to be able to make a difference in their chosen community. This initiative is being done through various methods and social media. Over the last year, we have released two Virtual Reality 360 videos, one of which is a talent recruitment video released in December. These videos allow someone that hasn’t been to York County recently, or ever, to get an idea of what our culture is like. Both VR videos are available on our website, www.yorkdevco.com, and our YouTube channel. Any businesses can share these videos through their website, social media or via email. YCDC Investors can borrow our VR Googles to take along to an event, or to send to a potential candidate. There is no better way to create the feeling of visiting a place without physically being there. If you want to experience the video virtually, and don’t own googles, contact Derek or Lisa, and stop by the office. We are also releasing Why York County spotlight videos and articles that will highlight a diverse group of individuals/families through 2019. There are two videos already released on social media and via our website. Videos and on-line ads are being strategically shared nationally. YCDC staff are available to do community tours when one of our partners calls, as it gives a different perspective to a potential employee and/or family.

As YCDC Board, staff and committees talk with businesses and educators, we realized that we need to continue to do more. We have formed a Talent Committee to complement the Marketing Committee, and I know they will come up with more ideas on training and recruitment over the next few months. People are who make this county such a special place. This year, YCDC is partnering with York News-Times for the first year of a new award called Impact Awards. The goal is to recognize five individuals under the age of 45 who have made great impacts through their profession, volunteerism or philanthropic efforts. You can find the nomination form at www.yorknewstimes.com/site/forms/announcements/f5under45.  

Exciting times! I’m looking forward to the opportunities in 2019. If you’re interested in being involved, please contact us!

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