York County Development Corporation Releases a Workforce Attraction Virtual Reality Video

22 Jan 2019

York County Development Corporation (YCDC) has recently launched a workforce attraction virtual reality video for the promotion of York County, Nebraska. This virtual reality video is designed to showcases the best of what York County has to offer so that people interested in moving to the area can get a feel for the natural beauty, entertainment, schools, housing options, restaurants and people that call York County home.

“Using virtual reality, we can give people a new way to experience York County. It is incredible how virtual reality can transport you to a place and make you feel that you are watching a parade on main street, sliding down a waterslide, sitting in a classroom, racing down a track, or touring a factory. By creating this convenient tool, we are making it possible for anyone interested in our area to experience York County before they physically visit,” said Lisa Hurley, Executive Director of York County Development Corporation. 

York County offers a wide variety of employment opportunities and companies like Collins Aerospace and Corteva Agri-Sciences are growing. With business booming, it is important to attract more workers to the area and a virtual reality video is an excellent way to do so.

By watching the York County workforce attraction virtual reality video, viewers can experience the high-quality educational opportunities available in the area – opportunities that begin before Kindergarten. York County schools incorporate the arts and athletic opportunities into their educational culture, something that is evident in the video. York College is also featured in the VR video, demonstrating the wealth of educational opportunities available from preschool through adulthood.

Viewers can also tour new housing developments and glimpse York County’s award-winning healthcare organizations like Henderson Health Care and York General.

York County’s workforce attraction virtual reality video does an excellent job of showcasing the many entertainment and recreational opportunities available in York. Viewers will feel the sensation of zipping down a fast-moving waterslide in the summer, watching the high school band march by, careening around a fast-moving race track, tapping their toes during a live outdoor concert, bumping along wilderness trails in an ATV, soaring high above the ground in a Ferris wheel and even playing a round of golf. In York, there are activities for everyone. 

“When shooting York’s VR Video, it was important for us to capture what it feels like to be in the moment. We wanted viewers to experience the thrill of being in York and experiencing all the area has to offer,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency.

York County is also a regional retail hub teeming with restaurants, stores and boutiques. When watching the video, viewers feel as though they are shopping with friends, grabbing a bite to eat and wondering around town. “This was our first virtual reality video dedicated exclusively to workforce attraction, so we wanted to capture what people like to do on the weekends. Through this VR video viewers can experience what it is like to grab lunch with friends and participate in other local activities,” said Hurley.

This video will be able to be used by area businesses when recruiting employees from outside of our labor market. Investors will be able to ‘borrow’ our Virtual Googles and take them to meet a potential employee, giving them a let up when trying to explain what living in York County is like.

About York County, Nebraska

York County, Nebraska is located forty minutes from Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital city. This community is pro-business, pro-growth, and pro-families. Close to the city, yet full of distinct character and small-town charm, York offers residents and businesses the amenities of a larger metropolis, without the traffic and high price tag. This winning combination is the engine behind York’s continued growth. The York Region 7 county labor market now has over 210,000 workers and growing.

To watch York County’s workforce attraction virtual reality video, click here https://vimeo.com/303754822/ffbe9238ab. To learn more about York County, visit http://www.yorkdevco.com/. Here you will find 360 videos where you can tour the community and all the area has to offer.

For additional information contact:

Lisa Hurley

Executive Director

York County Development Corporation



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