National Entrepreneurship Week: House Star Cleaning Services

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20 Feb 2019

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Three years ago, Starlene Orlando became a 2nd generation entrepreneur when she started House Star Cleaning services.  In April of 2016, Star saw an opportunity cleaning homes after drywall teams had finished their work at homes and there were dust remnants that needed to be cleaned up. Picking up after these construction crews is where her business began but she has since added residential cleaning services along with commercial business cleaning services.  Since adding these residential services, she has also added “Gift Certificates” for people to buy as presents for Christmas, birthdays or for after events such as family gatherings, graduations, etc.

Star has grown her business over the last 3 years to serve over 50 clients in the area. She works from as far north as Osceola to Fairmont, and from Aurora to Seward.  Star and her daughter are currently the only employees but she is looking to grow her business in the coming years. She is looking into getting a building or office space to serve as a centralized location when she hires another employee. Star has enjoyed this line of work because she gets to help people get caught up with their lives. She understands that sometimes people don’t get to clean up their house like they would like to and she is here to help.  She has also enjoyed the experience of going from just an acquaintance to almost like family with clients as she has been embraced into their homes. If you are interested in learning more about House Star cleaning services, click here.

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