National Entrepreneurship Week: Once Upon A Dream

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22 Feb 2019

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One of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur is finding your passion.  Some find it when they are young, others find it later on down the road; Ashley was the former. Ashley started creating dresses first for the local county fair. She enjoyed the challenge of taking nothing and turning it into something.  From there she knew she needed to develop her passion and decided to do so at the local community college.  While in school, Ashley learned from a friend of a business that was renting dresses in Omaha. With many area places offering men’s suit rental, Ashley realized there was an underserved market of women, who were not wanting to purchase extravagant dresses that may be only worn 1-2 times, but rather rent that dress for a portion of what they may pay versus retail. With her parent’s guidance, who themselves are small business owners, Ashley began the steps of opening a business. 


On September 19th, her dream became reality.  While still working part time at Union Bank & Trust, Ashley works hard to provide dresses at affordable price so that all girls/women can have one for the moment that calls for one; whether that is prom, first communion, Daddy/daughter dance, winter formal, quinceanera, birthday, wedding or whatever the moment may be.  She technically is the only employee at Once Upon A Dream but she does receive a lot of volunteer help from friends and family, which she appreciates greatly. What Ashley prides herself on is that her dresses run true to size and has inventory from 0 to 40 to help meet that promise.  Once Upon A Dream currently has an inventory of over 400 dresses and is adding more every day.  The rental dresses range from $25 to $250, for a one-week rental. They also do consignment sales and regular sales of dresses. For more information, click here.

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