Impact Award: Taylor Siebert

Impact Award: Taylor Siebert Main Photo

21 Mar 2019

Talent, Impact Award

Taylor Siebert graduated from Heartland High School and went out into the world with an entrepreneurial spirit.

His first business was selling house insulation. He then began website design. After living in Denver and Lincoln for a few years, Siebert and his wife, Jessica, decided they wanted to move back to Henderson.

When he was back in York County, he started (a website showcasing happenings, news and features about the Henderson community).

Then, he started live streaming Heartland athletic events in the fall of 2011. In the spring of 2012, he founded Striv and live streamed the Southern Nebraska Conference Basketball Tournament. The person who nominated him said, “He thought schools would sign up for live streaming, but no one did. After talking to then Heartland Superintendent Norm Yoder, he realized that there needed to be an education component in order for schools to buy in. Since he couldn’t physically drive to schools and live stream every event happening, he created a system where his team teaches the students how to use the equipment and the streaming service provided by Striv. They help each school learn how to share their unique story online. Now he has over 100 schools in Nebraska and a substantially-sized staff.

“Since Striv revolves around live streaming high school events, it is a major component of his business. With his job, he is continually speaking to high school students and teachers. He has volunteered to be on a panel at the YCDC Career Fair every year since the event began. He has also been a featured speaker during Young Nebraskans Week.”

In addition to Striv Inc., he is also working with his latest endeavor, Class Intercom.

Being in his hometown is important to Siebert – and with the community’s internet capabilities, his entrepreneurial success can be achieved. And he’s put effort into growing his home community, relocating at least one family to the community through his business. He has served on the Henderson Chamber as president, is currently a member of the Mainstay Communications Board and many other committees. He is a member of the YCDC Marketing Committee and is involved in many Henderson youth activities.

A person nominating him said, “He is an innovative individual who is always willing to volunteer, contribute or brainstorm. He is community-minded, forward thinking and inspirational to youth and adults in our community, across the state and beyond. Looking at the list of businesses he has already started before the age of 35, he will likely never stop creating new and innovative businesses. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has three more business plans in his mind that he could decide to start at any time under the right circumstances.”

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