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2 Apr 2019

Gale’s Welding (GWI) is a growing and versatile business nestled in the cornfields of Waco in York County, Nebraska. Since 1979, the business has been gaining substantial work experience and roots in the area of farm equipment repair. Owner Gale Naber comes from a farming background that serves him well in working with today’s farmers.

Gale’s Welding is celebrating its 40th year of business in 2019. Owner Gale Naber began the business while he was still an active part of the Naber family farming operation, working on a plethora of hog gates & combine bin extensions.

A year later, the business moved into larger building, where it’s remained for the last 33 years. As a result of tinkering on anything and everything in his youth, as well as gaining farming experience with his father and uncles, Gale became a very educated & talented young man. Some of his work involved troubleshooting anything that had wheels or a motor!

Gale gained a business partner, his wife Denise, in 1981. They eventually chose operating the welding business as their way of life over farming, as it was nearly impossible to do both simultaneously.

Over the next 3 decades, Gale was the guy to see if you needed it repaired, tweaked, and the job done right! Gale and Denise found operating their own business to be beneficial & rewarding as they raised their four children: Jonathan, Krista, Eric & Ryan.

In 2000, the Gale’s Welding began working with a design build company known as ESI in Wisconsin. This work involved fabricating food warehouse components for Miscellaneous Metal that served to protect the buildings constructed by the firm. Even though Gale wasn’t raising crops anymore, he was still working on behalf of the everyday farmer by getting food safely to the warehouse storage facility shelves. The business continued to grow as it completed 2 or 3 projects annually for ESI, while continuing to service farm equipment.  Also in 2000, GWI expanded into the miscellaneous and specialized structural steel and fabrication line of work. With this new line of fabrication came requests to install the miscellaneous metal components we fabricate at our shop. Not only do we have desired products, but the work ethic of our Midwest crews is a great asset.

Keeping busy, the business’s main goal was to expand its capabilities. The last few years presented real challenges in regards to space in the welding shop. Gale’s Welding had outgrown its building, and finding a way to fit equipment needing repaired, our equipment, and our employees into the small shop was a difficult task. In 2008, a spacious office was constructed allowing the office part of the business to be moved out of the home. In 2012, construction began on a new welding & fabrication shop. This is where Gale grew up and worked his whole life, and his dream was finally being realized, a nice big welding shop! The 18,000 sq ft. building was under roof in December of 2013, and used in many ways even before it was completely done. The timing was perfect as Gale’s Welding was just beginning to undertake one of its biggest fabrication projects ever. During the early months of 2014 a place was found for all the equipment, new and old in the new building! Since the move, Gale’s Welding has had new customers almost every day, and production has improved immensely!


1407 Road V, Waco, NE 68460

Phone: (402) 728-5246




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1407 Road V, Waco, NE 68460, US