2019 York Regional Career Day

2019 York Regional Career Day Main Photo

3 Apr 2019

York, NE----- Each spring, with the help from the local schools and the York Chamber, York County Development Corporation puts on the Regional Career day.  The Career day brings in a keynote speaker, Mike Smith of The Bay, and 24 area business professionals across 6 different industries to discuss what it is they do within their careers and what opportunities are available to the students, if they choose to have a career in York County. The professionals were divided into panels based upon their industry.  The 6 industries that we had represented were: 1) Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 2) Human Services & Educaiton 3) Communications & Information Systems 4) Business, Marketing & management 5) Skilled & Technical Sciences 6) Health Services.

This year we had over 200 students attend across 9 local different schools.  The students had 4 opportunities to sit down with 4 of the different industry panels to learn what it is they do. “I never knew that was what they did there,” one student remarked upon hearing Erin Holtzen of Cyclonaire explain the processes that occur at her work. “I knew that building was there but had no idea what was inside. It is cool to hear what is happening there,” the student continued. This was a common theme as students asked questions to the panelists about their careers. One panelist remarked “The non-profit world is a complete mystery to these kids. We need more events like this to expose kids to the non-profit sector.” 

This year’s keynote speaker was also involved in the non-profit world, Mike Smith.  Mike Smith is the founder of “The Bay” in Lincoln, NE.  The Bay is a non-profit skatepark/coffee shop located in the shadows of UNL at 2005 Y St.  The Bay was started in 2011 as a skatepark/outreach center to encourage area youth to be creative and explore their passions and has since expanded to a 30,000sqft building that encourages art, music and skateboarding.  Mike harnessed his passion for skateboarding and giving back to create Skate for Change. Skate for Change (SFC) is a global youth movement that empowers skateboarders to give back to the homeless in their communities. SFC chapters have now spread to 80+ major cities worldwide.  Having Mike, a kid from Imperial, NE, speak on the impact that is possible if you work hard, and don’t take no for answer, that anything is possible.

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