Ricketts: Agriculture drives Nebraska’s economy

15 Mar 2019

Nebraska’s dominance in agriculture is reflected in our national rankings. We are No.1 for cattle on feed, popcorn and great northern beans. No. 2 in cattle and calves, ethanol production and hay production. No. 3 in corn for grain production and cash receipts from all livestock and products as well as fourth in cash receipts generated from all farm commodities. And we are fifth for soybean production.

This past year, ag-related projects helped bring home Nebraska’s third consecutive award for the most economic development projects per capita in the nation. For example, Michael Foods invested $150 million at their poultry operation in Bloomfield. Veramaris is investing $200 million in Blair to produce algae oil for other biotechnology projects.

These are examples of how dominant agriculture is in Nebraska’s economy. You often will hear me say that to grow Nebraska we must grow agriculture. To that end, my team is working on three major priorities: Cutting property taxes, expanding trade and increasing value-added livestock production.

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