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5 Jul 2019

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Over the last six months, YCDC has been doing a soft roll-out of #WhyYorkCounty. If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed the hashtag, and wondered what it was for. Through the Marketing Hometown America, talent initiatives, and other planning in York County, a consistent identified need was an image and brand that says York County, and not an individual business. From these meetings, YCDC identified a need to create a County-wide brand that could be used to tell York County’s story. I would like to thank those that helped provide feedback and input as the YCDC Marketing Committee worked on a design.


When the YCDC marketing committee started working on this, we started with the vision that this would tie to talent. Why are people staying in York County, and why would someone choose to move to York County, Nebraska? With a focus on helping our businesses find talent, this made sense initially. However, as this brand has evolved, we’ve discovered #WhyYorkCounty can tie to anyone, be it individual, family or businesses on why people come and stay in York County.


The goal in using this, is to tell York County’s story, and to generate interest in what York County, NE is like. In order to continue to grow York County, we need to get people interested in York County, NE. These two logos and #WhyYorkCounty are not intended to replace any communities or businesses brand/logo. Instead, they are intended to be used as a way of bringing various entities together in telling our story. It is critical that we continue to our York County story.


How can you use it?

  • Utilize #WhyYorkCounty on social media releases when you’re sharing good news
  • If you have a positive experience, why not share it out on social media, linking the business or organization and using #WhyYorkCounty
  • If you’re a business, upload the logo to your website. You can also link to  
  • The content on this website can be used when recruiting employees!
  • If you’re releasing a story focusing on an employee, utilize the logo or the #WhyYorkCounty in social media releases
  • Use the logo or #WhyYorkCounty on invoices, checks, shirts, marketing gear, or other items you think of

I challenge York County individuals, communities and businesses to tell our stories in a positive manner! Utilize the #WhyYorkCounty when sharing. Be proud of where you live! The more people who participate in telling our story, the more successful we will be! If you would like a jpeg copy of the logo to utilize, let us know!

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