2019 Wage & Salary Report

26 Aug 2019

Labor, workforce

Are you a business owner, in HR, or part of the team that determines wages? If so, this York Labor Market 2019 Wage & Salary Report may be of use to you.

As you review, please remember, salaries and benefits are only one piece of the puzzle of retaining and recruiting workforce. Some things to keep in the back of your mind. In three years, the majority of baby boomers will be retired. In 10 years, Millennials will be 50% of our workforce, and that population is larger than the baby boomer population. In general Millennials are not afraid of change and risk which will benefit companies as the economy changes. Invest in training, because if you’re not developing your talent you are going to lose them to a company that is.

In addition, all companies hiring similar skills sets are competing for the same talent. This may change your approach to talent acquisition, and companies should partner with competitors, and other interested parties on developing the talent pipeline. Help share why this is a good area to live in, and not only why your company is a great fit. Then encourage new employees to get involved, as that will help retention.

York County and other communities are very fortunate to have partners such as NPPD.  They are able to compile reports for us, and we recently asked them to complete an updated Wage & Salary Report.

Use www.whyyorkcounty.com as you recruit from other areas. If you're a YCDC member, we have VR Goggles pre-loaded with Why York County, Nebraska videos you can use.

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