YCDC updates community on upcoming Career Day and Job Fair

11 Apr 2014


It has been a busy January at YCDC. The three main activities have been acting as the lead organization to coordinate a Career Fair and Job Fair for March 25, 2014; our 2014 membership drive; and getting organized for 2014 activities. I want to spend a few minutes bringing everyone up to date on the upcoming Career Fair and Job Fair, and will save the others for another article.

In 2013, we completed over 50 business retention and expansion interviews with businesses in York County. What this amounts to is meeting with a business’s management for an hour or so to visit about their company’s sales and orders, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and future plans, and their perceptions of the community. One of the direct outputs of this program was feedback that businesses feel there is a lack of workforce with the matching skills, thus leading to the development of a York County Career Day and Job Fair. Since we started organizing the event, Seward County Economic Development and Fillmore County Development Corporation both reached out about making this a tri-county event. I have always believed that we are stronger when we are working together, and since much of our workforce is traveling within the three counties, it makes sense to partner together.  We have many partners in this endeavor including:  all high schools from York County, Centennial High,  Seward Public, Milford Public, York College, Henderson Chamber, York Area Chamber, Seward Area Chamber and Nebraska Department of Labor.

The Career Fair will involve seniors from the area high schools. The goal of the fair is to expose students to the various careers in our region and connect them to businesses. The ultimate goal is to show seniors that not only do we have, and will have jobs in the area when they are ready, and that it is okay to come home after college to pursue their career. For those who are not headed off immediately to a higher education or the military, opportunities can be found at this fair.  We have a great area to live and work in, and we want to reinforce that with students.

The Career Fair will be kicked off via video conference with Speaker Greg Adams. After the Speaker is done visiting with the students, we will move into the keynote, Mark Ketcham with Hudl. Mr. Ketcham oversees Hudl’s 37-person Coach Relations team that supports more than 15,000 high school, college, and professional clients. In 2013, his team took over 75,000 phone calls and answered nearly 90,000 emails, with 97% of coaches rating Hudl’s support team as ‘Awesome’ and 99.5% saying they would hire the support rep they worked with. Hudl prides itself on strong customer support that demonstrates one of the company’s core values: Help Coaches Win. Next York College will be presenting the Good, the Bad, and the Very Bad Interviews to help expose students to some of the best and worst behaviors during an interview.

After the interviews, students will be able to select three of six business panels (Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Business, Marketing & Management, Communications and Information Systems, Health Services, Human Services & Education, Skilled & Technical Sciences). These panels will be made up from businesses within the three counties, and expose students to the wide variety of careers they are able to pursue here. There will then be a networking lunch between the panelists, the students and any participating businesses that day. Finally, students will be spending an hour visiting booths before ending their day around 1:30.

Then, the Job Fair opens at 2:00 PM to college students and anyone seeking employment and will close at 7:00 PM. Are you looking for a job? Do you have a friend or family member that wants to come home? Or are you a business owner looking for help? In either case, this will be the place to meet. Attendees will receive a business directory upon arrival to assist with identifying the businesses they want to visit. The booths will be organized by cluster (Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Business, Marketing & Management, Communications and Information Systems, Health Services, Human Services & Education, Skilled & Technical Sciences), making it easy to target the companies they want to visit.  These groups will also allow like businesses from the three counties to connect with each other.

What can you do? If you represent a business, reserve your booth ASAP.  We are also looking for sponsorships to assist with marketing of the event. Marketing of the event will be targeted not only at our three counties, but at the Lincoln and Grand Island labor force as well.  You can request either the registration or the sponsorship forms by contacting YCDC or either the Henderson or York Chambers, or the York office of NE Department of Labor for the forms.  If you, or someone you know, are a job seeker, you can follow the event here for updates.

I look forward to sharing more information with you as time goes on.

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