State-wide Survey on Broadband Usage and Impacts

11 Apr 2014


YCDC is encouraging York County businesses to participate in a State-wide survey on broadband usage and impacts. The results of this survey will assist the Nebraska Broadband Initiative in identifying improvements needed across the state.

You Can Help Build a Better Nebraska by Sharing Your Input

We are encouraging your business to be a part of an exciting project through the Nebraska Broadband Initiative. The goal of this project is to help Nebraska businesses, including yours, to increase economic vitality by more effectively using broadband applications. You can participate at the broadband website,

The survey results will provide valuable information on broadband usage by Nebraska businesses and will allow for a comparison of business broadband usage and impacts with peers nationwide. Additionally, up to 500 businesses who have completed the survey will receive a personalized scorecard and the opportunity to work with a business broadband coach. The scorecards will include ideas on how to better utilize broadband technologies and the return on investment.

Visit the Nebraska Broadband Initiative website to learn about ongoing efforts, For more information about this project contact: Jim Keeler, Business Broadband Manager with the University of Nebraska at 402-472-4235 or Completing the survey will take approximately 20 minutes.

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