Seagren joins Nebraska Enterprise Fund board

11 Apr 2014


Chairman, Winsley Durand III, welcomed two new board members and a new advisory committee member during the recent Nebraska Enterprise Fund (NEF) annual Board of Directors’ meeting.

New board members include Cassie Seagren, Executive Director of York County Development Corporation and Krista Dittman, Branched Oak Farm co-owner /entrepreneur. Shannon Filing, President of Transformational Marketing in Panama, Nebraska, joined the NEF Advisory Committee.

Former Yorkite John Munn, Director of Nebraska’s Department of Banking & Finance, has completed his last term on the board. Munn served two terms on the NEF board.

“John Munn’s service on the NEF Board was timely given that the organization had been charged with the development of new loan products to directly serve businesses in addition to programs.

John brought not only the knowledge and perspective of the overall industry in Nebraska to our Board, but also practical knowledge from having been a community banker.

His assistance in developing NEF’s CD Loan Guarantee product is making a difference daily for businesses across the State,” said Rose Jaspersen, NEF Executive Director.

New members Seagren, Dittman and Filing will serve an initial three-year term. Cassie Seagren brings the perspective of an economic development director to the board, while Dittman provides valuable input as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Filing has utilized NEF gap financing services as her company has grown. Her background knowledge of how NEF helped her, along with her marketing expertise will be a solid addition in an advisory capacity.

Regarding her new position on the NEF Board, Seagren commented, “As an economic developer I have the chance to work with a variety of businesses both large and small.

The opportunity to be a part of an organization like NEF allows me to help serve those small businesses I work with more effectively, and it will provide me with a chance to really see all of the wonderful things going on across the State.”

The Nebraska Enterprise Fund (NEF) was established in 1994 to support programs

that serve Nebraska’s small and micro businesses. The Nebraska Enterprise Fund  is a Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides loan capital to businesses and programs across Nebraska.

NEF is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.

Article provided by York News-Times

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