YCDC Launches New Website

6 Jun 2014

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Press Release:  YCDC Launches New Website
Date:  6.6.14
Contact:  Lisa Hurley, York County Development Corporation

402.362.3333 or lhurley@yorkdevco.com

YCDC invites visitors to explore their new website at www.yorkdevco.com. The new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing visitors to access many tools and resources, view documents and videos, and have the ability to share information across all major social networking sites.

“We are very excited to roll out this new and innovative website.  The new website will be a very important tool for YCDC to use to help promote York County, as well as a useful resource for the York Community.  We hope that you take time to visit the site and explore all that it has to offer.” Tony North, YCDC President.

Through the design process, staff maintained a high priority the site be specifically designed to be of value to existing businesses, and be usable in recruitment efforts with businesses who may want to locate here.  The website provides a business resource directory, real estate tools showing available industrial and commercial sites and buildings, community profile information allowing detailed reports of interest for location decisions, provides information on quality of life topics, and allows YCDC member investors to be showcased in a business directory.  The public will find access to job openings, demographics, and other information on new developments and businesses coming to town.

The new website went live Thursday. Golden Shovel is the economic development website design company.

For more information on doing business in York County, contact Lisa Hurley at 402.362.3333

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