Business Opportunity and Open House

15 Aug 2014

Business Opportunity,

I received a call yesterday about a project and want to pass it on.  A company is working with the Nebraska Pork Producers and A-FAN to help connect Nebraska pork facilities to expanded suppliers in Nebraska, and York County has been identified as an ideal target for more finishing barns.  They are looking for farmers who want to partner, to construct and finish the facility provided by the company. The partnership would include a long-term commitment on the purchase of sows from the farmer. I was told this is an excellent opportunity for a young farmer to get into the business, or expand the business. A-Fan staff will be at this event and has expressed the desire to help farmers through this process.

The Red Zone Farm, by Osceola recently constructed one of the hog finishing barns, and is partnering to host an open house on Thursday, August 21st for anyone who who like to tour the new barn, connect with state resources, or connect with the producer.
Please see the attached flyer for more information on times and location.

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