YCDC Partipates in Diplomats event

8 Sep 2014

York County Development Corporation (YCDC) participated in the 47th annual Nebraska Diplomats Passport weekend starting September 5, 2014, which encourages economic development throughout Nebraska.   Along with a few YCDC board members and York County diplomats, I hosted Paul Golden with Schilling Ventures LLC, one of the new owners of Cyclonaire. 

The Passport event was sponsored by the Nebraska Diplomats, Inc., one of the largest economic development organizations in the state, with a membership of more than 280 business executives and community leaders.  The Passport weekend started on Friday with 320 people attending a CEO Roundtable discussion and an evening banquet in Lincoln, and included presentation of awards.   Saturday was a mix of activities including a tailgate at the Governor’s mansion, attending the Husker’s football game as a group, and a dinner Saturday evening with a couple of YCDC Board members which allowed us to highlight our strengths.    

This mix of activities showcased our State in its best light.  It also allowed us to speak about activities going on around the County, our strengths, and what we are doing to address our challenges.  Perhaps most importantly, I feel there is a strong relationship between YCDC and Schilling Ventures, which can only lead to positive things down the road. 

A special thank you goes out to Jerry and LaVonne Elfring (Cyclonaire), Kelly Kadavy (Cornerstone Insurance),  Rob Schardt (Midwest Bank), Greg and Julie Adams  (Speaker of the House), and Craig and Patti Vincent (NPPD) for your assistance and participation over the weekend.

Here’s to another great week,

Lisa Hurley


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