Partnerships for Manufacturing Day for Educators

23 Sep 2014

Education, Business Retention & Expansion, Initiatives

York County Development Corporation (YCDC) and York Public Schools (YPS) are excited to partner with Cyclonaire, Ply Gem Siding Group (Kroy Building Projects) and UTC Aerospace Systems in celebration of National Manufacturing Day and a Manufacturing Day for Educators event on Friday, October 3rd 2014.  YCDC and YPS reached out to other schools in the County and colleges in the region to share the experience.

The major objective of the Manufacturing Day for Educators will be for educators, school officials and community leaders to see the latest trends in local manufacturing and to pick up on some aspects/ideas to take back into K-12 classrooms regarding skills needed for manufacturing careers. 

During YCDC Business Interviews, workforce was identified as a top need for our businesses. The training, retention and recruitment of workforce is something that the entire community has to work on, and will require many partnerships.  YCDC is thrilled to undertake another activity with the schools as partners.

YPS sees the importance of staying connected with the manufacturing and business community.  Working with SCC through various career academies and participating in events such as these allow us to continually grow as a school system that works to meet the needs of all of our learners.  We are so fortunate in York to have the manufacturers that we do.  We want to learn as much from them as we can so we can help make YPS students better suited for life after graduation as they enter the workforce and/or higher education.

We have several science and math teachers, school counselors, board members, and administrators that will be participating in this wonderful event.

 Dr. Lucas, YPS Superintendant, said "We’d like to thank Lisa Hurley and YCDC for spearheading this exciting opportunity."

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