York - A Trucker’s Oasis

17 Nov 2014

Where the roads go, so go people and businesses. York, Nebraska, is where the roads go.


York is at the junction of Interstate 80, a major east/west interstate, and U.S. Highway 81, a north/south four-lane highway that is also known as the Pan-American Highway. Due to York’s location at the geographic center of the United States, these highways provide a critical transportation hub for shipping goods throughout the country. In fact, Larry Johnson, president of the Northeast Trucking Association, has called York a “Trucker’s Oasis.”


Because York is such a hot transportation hub, the benefits to area businesses in terms of shipping goods are clear. To see which key markets can be reached from York within a one-day legal trucking distance haul, visit http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/site-selectors/where-is-york-county?

For information on located your business in York, contact the York County Development Corporation at http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/contact-us

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