Getting the data needed to help run your business

1 Dec 2014

To effectively operate a business, you need data … statistics about the community, employment measures, trends, and more. While your business generates its own data, analyzing it in the context of community data can be tricky, particularly if you don’t have ready access to community information. Combining your data with other businesses data in the community gives valuable economic feedback to YCDC, while allowing us to identify any weaknesses and strengths across the County.


YCDC can help you put all this data together. Through the use of Synchronist Software, reports gathered by YCDC, and an in-person meeting with YCDC staff, we’ll assist you in determining ways to improve your business within the community, identify services you may need, and strengthen our knowledge of the local business environment..


To schedule a business analysis interview and meeting, contact YCDC via this web page:


For more information on Synchronist Software, visit


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