Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing - York has you covered

15 Dec 2014

Are you in the business of transportation, logistics, or warehousing? Are you looking for a new location for your business? Or do you want to expand? York, Nebraska has you covered.


York - the city and county - is centrally located in the United States. York is home to the junction of Interstate 80, a major ocean-to-ocean east/west interstate, and Highway 81, a 4-lane highway known as the Pan-American Expressway, which runs from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. From where York sits, most of the nation is within a two-day truck drive, making it a great place for logistics services, warehouses, and transportation businesses.


The York County Development Corporation can assist you in locating or expanding your business here. For more information, call 402-362-3333.

Visit for a York County Transportation & Logistics Map.

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