Tailgating with the Governor

2 Feb 2015

The YCDC, along with local members of the Nebraska Diplomats, will have a chance to rub shoulders with the Governor during the Diplomats’ 2015 Passport Weekend while hosting a local company’s headquarter executives.


The 48th annual Passport Weekend takes place September 11 - 12, 2015, in Lincoln, NE, and features dinner and meetings on Friday.  A tailgate event at the Governor’s mansion, and a Cornhusker football game are scheduled for Saturday.  YCDC will also host the selected headquarter executives for dinner scheduled on Saturday.  On Sunday, YCDC will provide transportation for the business to the airport for the trip home.


The Passport Weekend includes the Nebraska Diplomats’ annual meeting, a CEO Roundtable, and an award ceremony hosted by the Governor.  


The YCDC uses this event to continue building relationships with the selected business, additional businesses around the state, economic development resources around the state, along with local Diplomats. In addition, it provides an opportunity for leaders from a local business to join in the festivities.


To learn more about the Nebraska Diplomats, visit http://www.neded.org/nebraska-diplomats-home.

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