YCDC Membership Campaign - Why your investment is needed

9 Feb 2015

Nurturing the economic health of York, Nebraska, benefits everyone in the community, from wee tots to energetic teens to hard-working adults to retired seniors. The York County Development Corporation serves as a linchpin in bringing together economic development activities throughout the county and region.


The YCDC depends on your Private Membership Investments to fund activities that are vital to the organization’s mission of encouraging and promoting quality economic growth in York County.


Yes, the YCDC receives public funding, however the majority of these funds are earmarked solely for daily operating costs. YCDC needs funding beyond what the government entities provide in order to cover costs related to marketing, maintaining the website, paying for dues and subscriptions, meetings, seminars, staff training, community and business tours, and trade show expenses. In addition, YCDC depends on membership income to cover expenses related to activities such as the youth camp and the educational business tours.


Please help us in reaching our 2015 membership goal of $65,000 so we can continue to provide the high level of economic development activity you’ve come to depend on.


Invest in York County today by becoming a member of the York County Development Corporation.  Complete a membership form and return it to YCDC: http://www.yorkdevco.com/media/userfiles/subsite_105/files/Membership_form.pdf.


For a list of member benefits, see http://www.yorkdevco.com/media/userfiles/subsite_105/files/Membership_levels_with_benefits.pdf.

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