Looking for work? Try York, Nebraska.

23 Feb 2015

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate dropped to 5.9% in September 2014, the first time it has been below 6% since 2008. Meanwhile, Nebraska’s unemployment rate is 3.6%. York County is performing better than the state and national averages, with an unemployment rate at 3.0%. http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000, http://data.bls.gov/map/MapToolServlet?survey=la&map=state&seasonal=s, http://data.bls.gov/map/MapToolServlet


York County has managed this by being home to numerous advanced manufacturing, transportation, and agricultural businesses. These businesses need skilled workers and they pay well for that skill. The median household income in the county in 2014 is $50,992. The average household income is $62,765. Meanwhile the cost of living in York is lower than the national average.


For a list of businesses in York County, visit http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/existing-business/companies-by-industry/?item=3369. This will get you started on the research necessary for landing a job.


For more on the cost of living in York, see this page on the York County Development Corporation’s website: http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/life/cost-of-living


To look for job openings, visit http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/employment/?cat=Employment&keyword to look at YCDC member jobs, and links to other resources such asthe Nebraska Department of Labor, which has an office iin the City of York at 510 Lincoln Avenue. http://dol.nebraska.gov/

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