YCDC partners on new Youth Camp aimed at budding entrepreneurs

6 Apr 2015

Do you know kids who are forever concocting business schemes? The one who sets up a lemonade stand on the corner, is interested in selling items on eBay, or publishes and sells comic books to neighbor kids?


The York Development Corporation, York Area Chamber of Commerce, York Public Schools and Nebraska Extension are sponsoring its first ever Youth Camp in July 2015. The camp is based on the University of Lincoln’s Extension EntrepreneurShip Investigation (ESI) program. This program teaches kids how to develop a product and write and business and marketing plan. The last day of camp allows Youth Camp attendees to sell a product at a community event.


The York County Development Corporation is partnering with the York Area Chamber of Commerce, the York Public Schools and the UNL Extension to host this program.   Committee members are currently looking for sponsorships for 16 kids to take the camp this year.


For more information, contact YCDC at http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/contact-us.

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