Early transportation route still serves York County

20 Apr 2015

While much is made of the fact that York, Nebraska, is a major truck transportation hub for the United States, before there were trucks, there were trains. According to a report by Nebraska’s State Historic Preservation Office, it was the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad that connected York to the outside world, arriving in 1877. http://www.nebraskahistory.org/histpres/reports/york_county.pdf


The railroad continues to serve York, only now the line is owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe. This line runs east-to-west the full length of York County. There is a also a spur that runs from the City of York 8 miles north to Benedict.


York’s transportation services give local businesses a variety of alternatives for shipping goods to national markets. View http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/site-selectors/transportation-and-infrastructure/?columns=transportation%2C+utilities&location=370 for details on York’s other transportation services.

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