YCDC Diamond Member Spotlight - York General Health Care Services

11 May 2015

Business: York General Health Care Services

President:Charles Harris

Chief of Staff: Todd Fargo, MD

Mission: York General Health Care Services is a nonprofit, multi-facility organization dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible health care services to the York area. See http://www.yorkgeneral.org/about/our_mission.asp for entire mission statement.

Description: York General Health Care Services provides a full range of medical services in 5 facilities in York. Services include primary and hospital care, dialysis, home health care, sleep studies, rehabilitation, oncology, surgery, respiratory therapy, assisted living, and many other services.

Location: 2222 North Lincoln Avenue, York, NE



While the York County Development Corporation encourages membership at any level, during its 2015 membership campaign,  it is concentrating on increasing the number of Diamond and Platinum level members. Won’t you join York General Health Care Services in becoming a Diamond level member ($2,500-$4,999)?

To become a member of the York County Development Corporation, complete a membership form and return it to YCDC: http://www.yorkdevco.com/media/userfiles/subsite_105/files/Membership_form.pdf.


For your convenience, membership pledges can be paid annually, quarterly, semi-annually, or monthly.

For a list of member benefits, see http://www.yorkdevco.com/media/userfiles/subsite_105/files/Membership_levels_with_benefits.pdf.

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