York’s outstanding workforce

29 Jun 2015

Looking for loyal, hardworking employees with specialty training in advanced manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation-related industries? Look no further than York, Nebraska.


York County has a population of 13,883, but draws from a labor pool of around 250,000 within a 50-mile radius. Because of great jobs and good wages, over 40% of York’s workforce commutes to the county for work every day. Close to 65% of York’s labor force has attended post-secondary school.


In order to maintain a vibrant workforce, the York County Development Corporation offers an annual Job & Career Fair. It is also concerned with assisting local educational facilities, including York College, with training the future workforce. Numerous 2 and 4-year post-secondary schools are located within an hour of York, many of them offering degrees related to the county’s major industries.

For more information on York’s workforce, see http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/site-selectors/labor-and-workforce/?columns=workforce_establishments%2C+workforce_occupations&category=0&location=370

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