York serves area farmers through two co-ops

27 Jul 2015

Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production. York County, Nebraska, is known for its fine soil, having one of the highest irrigated counties in the entire state. Crops produced here, including corn and soybeans, are very consistent.


Because of York’s high level of agricultural production, it should come as no surprise that farmers co-ops operate in the area. Both the Central Valley Ag Co-op and the Aurora Co-op have locations in York and provide a variety of services to the county’s farmers.


York’s Central Valley Ag location handles agronomy, grain marketing, and fuel dispatching. http://www.cvacoop.com/cva-locations.aspx  York’s Aurora Co-op location handles agronomy and feed. http://www.auroracoop.com/Locations

The York County Development Corporation is interested in helping farmers and ag-related businesses succeed in the county because agriculture makes up a large part of the local economy. To see how YCDC can assist you in your agricultural endeavors, contact us via http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/contact-us

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