Why your business should be in York

24 Aug 2015

When it comes to the success of your business, it often comes down to location, location, location.


York County, Nebraska is an ideal location. Want to know why? Let us count the ways.


York has an excellent workforce that’s loyal, hard-working, and well-educated.

York is strategically located in the United States, with a variety of transportation and shipping options.

York has a diverse economy, with several major industries, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation, logistics, and warehousing.

York has an outstanding educational system, from K-12 through York College, with a number of other post-secondary institutions within an hour of the county.

York has low electric rates due to the state’s public electric utilities.

York businesses support each other, working together to make York County a strong place to work and live.


Businesses that locate in York or want to expand have a solid friend in the York County Development Corporation. We’re here to help connect you to the resources you need for any stage of your business.


For other reasons to bring your business to York, see http://www.yorkdevco.com/york/site-selectors/business-advantages.


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