Agriculture - A vital part of York County’s economy

14 Sep 2015

Agriculture is a vital source of the state’s economy. In 2010, it accounted for 40% of Nebraska’s economic output, according to a report from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. (The 2010 Economic Impact of the Nebraska Agricultural Production Complex:


In 2013, York County produced over 45 million bushels of corn, 325 thousand bushels of sorghum, over 5 million bushels of soybeans, and 7,700 tons of hay. In 2012, it the county had an inventory of 52,000 cattle. With outputs like that, you can bet that York County contributes greatly to the state’s agricultural economy.


The York County Development Corporation wants to see your ag business grow. We’ve got a number of resources available to help:

For one-on-one assistance with expanding your ag business, call 402-362-3333.

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