Training and education spark growth

28 Mar 2016

Ensuring individuals have the education and skills to get good jobs in industries that are growing in your area is one of the proven methods of growing a local economy. That’s why we’re thrilled Southeast Community College is opening a York Regional Learning Center campus in 2016. View website here.

SCC’s goal is to have a Learning Center no farther than 35 miles from anyone living in the college’s 15-county region. In addition to York (and their current locations), SCC is developing new campuses in Nebraska City, Falls City, Plattsmouth, Wahoo and Hebron.

The underlying vision is to promote lifelong learning and growth that is tied to local employer and community needs. This means coursework and trainings at each learning center will correspond with the needs of its region. Find out more about the York Learning Center!

Visit the SCC York Regional Learning Center website page

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