Housing as a prerequisite for economic growth

25 Jul 2016

Satisfaction with housing is an important factor in measuring quality of life. If quality, affordable housing opportunities aren’t available, businesses have more trouble attracting and retaining good employees. A shortage of affordable options can negatively affect economic growth.

That’s why YCDC has prioritized the preparation of a county-wide housing study over the course of the next six months. Citizens, public service organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders will be invited to comment in focus groups and on surveys.

After the data is analyzed, the goal is to outline York County housing needs and develop a plan for improvement. Find out more about this effort: http://www.yorknewstimes.com/news/ycdc-housing-survey-underway/article_571979a4-a094-11e5-8023-af77a8c1571d.html


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