A great place for ag businesses to grow

16 Jan 2017

Agriculture makes up a tremendous portion of the Nebraska economy. Nebraska ranks fourth in the country in terms of total agricultural receipts (after California, Texas, and Iowa). http://ow.ly/Ymed303Wxjr

Food processing and production is a growing niche in Nebraska. The state has many advantages for small and large food production facilities, including an attractive business climate, a skilled labor force, ready access to raw materials and a prime location central to the national consumer market. Because of this, Pellet Technology USA recently selected York for a production facility.  York Cold Storage updated their facility and expanded capacity and jobs.  Beaver Creek Products, a pet-food chew speciality company expanded in York in 2016.  Also, York County is home to DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto and several cooperatives.

In a recent analysis of 16 states, Nebraska’s energy cost for a model food manufacturing plant is 19.9 percent less than the average energy cost for 15 alternative locations. The state’s average labor costs were also 5.3 percent less than the other states. Check out this study and learn more about why Nebraska is a great place to grow your ag business. http://ow.ly/brOt303WE9i

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