A Livestock Friendly County

30 Jan 2017

Did you know that livestock is Nebraska's largest agriculture industry? Nearly 50% of all agriculture receipts originate from livestock sales.

York County is a Livestock Friendly Community. This program of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture recognizes counties that support the state’s livestock industry. In the 2012 Census of Agriculture, York County was ranked ninth in the state in terms of market value of agricultural products per acre, a hefty proportion of this comes from livestock and livestock products.

Livestock and livestock products are a significant source of income for York County farmers. In 2012, per capita personal income for York County was $50,638, which was 14.7 percent higher than the income level for all non-metropolitan counties. Find out more about how the critical role the livestock sector plays in York County’s economy. http://ow.ly/k4BV303WAA6

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