Convention Center is good for business

13 Feb 2017

You might be surprised to find an $8 million convention center in the small town of York, Nebraska. Cornerstone Bank president Kelly Holthus, who secured the private donations needed for the facility and generously donated it to the city of York spearheaded the Holthus Convention Center.  

The 40,000 square foot convention center opened in 2014. It’s strategically located in the heart of Nebraska, at the crossroads of Highway 81 and Interstate 80. The impressive facility has a state-of-the-art audiovisual system and six retractable video screens.

Total events by the end of October 2016 exceed 600 since opening.  These have included:  300+ meetings, 100+ education/training sessions, 75+ weddings, 60+ private parties/holiday parties (not counting weddings), 50+ conferences/conventions, 30+ banquets.  The Holthus Convention Center is acting as a draw for out-of-town business.  Clients include:  150+ different companies, associations and individuals, 40+ different towns/cities from across the state, and a few out of state clients…mainly corporate clients.

The Holthus Center’s 12,000 square foot Grand Ballroom can accommodate 1100 people, making it an excellent choice for conferences and trade shows. This innovative facility is sure to provide the area with an economic boost, particularly because the city didn’t need to go into debt to finance it. Learn more about this wonderful community and business resource:

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