Meet Our Development Coordinator, Breanne Goben

12 Jul 2017

York County Development Corporation is growing as our investor base, towns, and county are experiencing significant gains in population, business and community participation. This is an exciting time to be in York County and to help further our growth. We have hired a new Development Coordinator – Breanne Goben.

Breanne is working to coordinate and promote our efforts in both housing and workforce development. In the past couple months, she has been meeting with businesses throughout the area, conducting meetings as part of our Business Retention and Expansion program, and learning more about the needs of our community. We interviewed her about what she has learned and what her goals are.

GS: What businesses are you meeting with?

BG: I am meeting with business owners, community leaders and investors throughout the city and county, of all sizes. Every business is very important, whether they employee two people or three hundred. I am trying to meet with everyone to gain a wide perspective on both the good things that are happening in our community and the challenges that businesses are facing.

GS: What surprising fact have you learned through these meetings?

BG: First, I am learning that there are layers to everything. When I discover one challenge, I quickly realize that it is related to another. For example, there is a large need for a daycare facility in York that can accommodate workers who are taking the second and third shift. Many of our local employers have these shifts and workers are forced to either leave their children at home or depend on family members. This is directly tied to workforce development because it means that some people locally cannot work these shifts and those who might consider moving here for work, cannot do so. We need to solve the daycare problem as part of our workforce development efforts so that parents of young children have the ability to take available shift work.

GS: What are some of your goals when meeting with businesses and investors?

BG: Our goal is to keep our businesses/investors/community leaders happy. We want to know what is going on, what their goals are, and what we can do to help. Part of my job is identifying what we can do to solve challenges so that it is easier to do business here and so that our local businesses can keep growing. We want to grow our investor base but we also want to help our current investors grow by making York County the best possible place to do business.

Since we have identified that the daycare issue is such a large concern, my goal is to take steps to better understand the extent of the problem, the demand for daycare and then work to solve it by coming up with a solution that can be implemented. Our businesses talk a lot about this and have even considered putting daycares into their own facilities. We need to find out those numbers so that we can help.

GS: Tell us about your work on housing.

BG: I am learning and diving into the housing study we completed. There needs to be more rentals in York County. It is hard to bring in workforce when there are limited housing options. They first look at housing and then daycare. You can’t fix workforce until you fix housing. I would love to get some houses up in the near future so that our workforce can start growing again.

GS: What else have you been doing since starting your position as Development Coordinator?

BG: I am researching and learning. We completed a housing and workforce study so I am digging into those and learning the ways that York could benefit from additional housing units and an increased workforce.

There are layers to my job. Discovering them will make the community and the county better. I want to find out those layers and work on them so that there is not one issue that is fixed, but the entire issue is addressed to make the community better.

GS: How can people contact you?

BG: If anyone wants to speak with me, please call me at 402-362-3333 or email I am here to answer questions, provide assistance and am also available for site tours. Whatever a business or investor needs – I am here to help.

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