Our Success is Your Success

7 Aug 2017

The team at York County Development Corporation continues to strive to help local businesses in York County to sustain, grow and achieve greater levels of success. This requires taking a proactive approach to economic development, working with the community at-large and having both a short and long-term perspective.

Some of the ways we are currently helping businesses are:

  • Adding a jobs directory to our website

  • Business After Hours Events

  • Entrepreneur Investigation Camps

  • Succession and retention projects

  • Helping companies to expand

  • Connecting businesses to resources

  • Marketing Hometown America launch

Our goal is to keep local businesses happy and to understand what their needs and challenges are. We are flexible in how we work with each company and take a listening approach to ensure that we fully understand what is necessary for each business to succeed. Whether these conversations happen during a business visit or at another event, we are here to listen and to come up with solutions whenever possible.

YCDC is Looking to the Future

We understand that economic development must be a mix of what needs to be done today and what needs to be done for the future. We also understand that in York County, economic development is community development. YCDC is looking ahead and working to plan for what our community will need as we continue to grow.

Our future-focused activities include conducting:

  • Labor studies

  • Housing study and housing development

  • Tri-County Job Fair

  • Southeast Community College York Regional Learning Center program development

  • Expressway partnership with 4 Lanes 4 Nebraska

  • Nebraska Economic Developers Association Legislative Committee

  • Southeast Regional Network

  • Tradeshow attendance

  • Conference attendance

We also work to recruit new companies to our area. In 2016, after three years of dedicated effort, Pellet Technologies USA was introduced to York and we are pleased to have them as part of our community. Their arrival will represent a $40 million investment and an additional $2 million in contracts annually for local corn growers.

Marketing and Attraction

Part of economic development is marketing York County and demonstrating the value for businesses looking to expand, to start or relocate or to our area. This requires a proactive marketing effort, something we do through several means including:

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Tradeshows and conferences

  • Radio

  • Video

  • Resource meetings

  • Community tours

  • Direct interactions with prospective businesses

Our marketing efforts continue to produce results as new businesses are recruited to our community and our workforce development efforts show success. A tangible example of this includes our website where we saw 10,576 visitors in 2016, 65 percent of which were new visitors. Our Facebook followers have also increased. With our online presence expanding, the York County community is being exposed to people throughout the country, and the world, creating new opportunities for growth every day.

Awards and Accolades

York County Development Corporation works to actively promote York County as a whole, both statewide and regionally. Through our partners, York has received several awards and accolades over the last year. These include –

  • “Livestock Friendly County” designation

  • 2016 Nebraska Diplomats Community of the Year Award

Our Success is Your Success

York County Development Corporation is successful because of the strength of our community and the participation and support of our investors. We thank you for your continued dedication to our community. Working together, we can continue to grow York County for the betterment of all our citizens.

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