Mayor offers new theory regarding LB 840 initiative

7 Feb 2018

Recently, a committee of business and community leaders (facilitated by the York County Development Corporation) brought forward (to the city council) a proposal that would put LB 840 on the May ballot.

The proposal was that the city would allocate $400,000 from the general fund each year for 10 years, which would be used as a local business incentive fund as well as for housing improvement projects. The program would have a specific structure – outlined by state statutes – that would call for how the money is spent, how the decisions would be made and by whom.

And it would have to be done by a vote of the people . . . if the council would agree to put the matter on the Primary Election ballot.

Those making the LB 840 proposal said no tax increases would be needed to fund the program, due to consistently steady increases in property valuation and sales tax revenues.

Now, York Mayor Orval Stahr is instead proposing a “growth initiative program” that could be done through increases for users of water and sewer and without a vote of the people.

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