Coming together to grow

15 Mar 2018

As I reflect back over the last five years since my family moved to York County, many things stand out. I’d like to start on the personal side, and why we stay here. As my family has settled into the area we have developed strong relationships in the community. Both of my kids have found solid groups of friends. It’s been amazing to watch them transition to teenagers and pursue their interests. My husband and I both have a great network of friends we enjoy spending time with, but also can turn to when needed. These are our friends who have made York County home, and not just a place to be because of a job. Deb Heskett and Bre Goben, along with our office mates are included in this group, and they keep the work side of things running smoothly when needed. Along with Therese Swanson (York Community Foundation), Bob Sautter (York County Visitors Bureau), Madonna Mogul, Rhonda Veleba and Kristy Richert (York Chamber), we truly do act as an office family. My husband and I chose this community, based on the job which allowed us to come back to the Lincoln area. However, there are days where I feel the community chose us. We stay because of what the area offers, our friendships, and the generosity of the people in the county.

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