Virtual Reality Has Come to York County, Nebraska

22 Mar 2018

Have you thought much about virtual reality and how it can transport you to a new place? In a way, that’s what the best movies do - they transport you to a new world or even a new dimension. Think about the latest Star Wars movie and how many children imagine flying the Millenium Falcon or walking on a mountain top with Luke. The sets are so incredible that they capture the imagination and don’t let go. But, what if instead of going to the movies, you could be virtually transported to that mountain top, look around, hear sound from every direction, gaze up at the bright blue sky or down at the rocky terrain beneath your feet? Only then, would you have entered the world of virtual reality and while this may sound like the high-tech future of a Star Wars world, it is here today. This is the technology that we have brought to York County through the creation of our own virtual reality video.

York County is on the Cutting Edge of Technology

While some may not think of Nebraska as being high-tech, we are on the cutting edge of new technology and leveraging that technology to tell our story. This is where businesses and families come to thrive and to grow. We have the location, quality of life, business climate, and supporting atmosphere to make that possible. The question has always been how to tell our story and share information with people who have never been to York County, Nebraska or even to the midwest. We have the solution in our new virtual reality video.

Anyone can put on a pair of VR goggles or use Google Cardboard to watch York County’s VR video. Instantly, they are transported to our community and will be able to walk around and explore. As we take them on a tour of local businesses, the city, hospital, restaurants, shopping, festivals, and schools, they can begin to get a feel for what life is like when living here. We even explore some of the housing options available in York County. What makes this video different is that anyone watching it is virtually transported and has control over what they see and how they see it. This means that they have the ability to physically turn left and see what would be to the left of them if they were standing inside the Clayton Museum of Ancient History or any of the featured businesses. They can look down and see what is at their feet or even go forward. With virtual sound surrounding them, it feels as though they are here with us in York. That’s remarkable.

Virtual Tours

This new technology is incredibly exciting and has given us the opportunity to conduct Virtual Tours of York County for anyone who is interested in moving their business or family to the area. If you would like to view the videos, below. For the best experience, you need to wear the right equipment. Also, if you’re watching on your phone or tablet, make sure to turn around for the full experience!

You can view Yorks’ VR videos here, and


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