York County Prepares for Growth

31 Jul 2018

In York County, we are proud of our community - where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. Our community pride leads us to invest in ourselves and our future. Part of doing so is being able to identify when we need to prepare for future business expansion or relocations. With the current York Industrial Park being near capacity, it became clear a couple years ago that it was time to purchase more industrial space and begin the process of development. We did so through the City of York’s acquisition of 34-acres between Division Avenue and the operations center for Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

With the acquisition complete, the next phase became necessary - planning for how to develop the property.

York knows how to plan, and how to grow

This is not the first time York has prepared for development and growth. York’s original industrial park was developed on an old airport property. It is now bustling, full of active businesses, and is near capacity. Within that industrial park Champion Homes, Fitness Worx, Hearthstone, and Willowbrook have grown. In fact, the first business to build there was when Champion needed to relocate to a larger space (having this land under local control kept an expansion in the County). Additionally, this is where the York Public Schools bus barn, CVA Headquarters, and the Upper Big Blue NRD administrative offices are located. In other words, this project has been incredibly successful and it is time to look towards the future.

Planning is critical

Realizing that the current industrial park was nearly full, the York County Development Corporation (YCDC) requested that the City pay for a comprehensive study for how to best develop this City-owned 34-acres of land for future industrial use. The creation of this plan was critical for attracting developers, site selectors, and businesses who may be interested relocating here. It tells them several things:

  1. There is available industrial property in York County under control
  2. There are no unknown hurdles to develop the property
  3. The City of York and YCDC are actively supporting business growth

With this plan now complete, the site is ready to be shown to developers, site selectors, and business owners.

We are ready

York County is ready for business growth. Any site selectors or businesses who are interested in our area, should contact YCDC to view the comprehensive plan related to this particular industrial site. We are also on hand to answer questions and to provide relocation assistance.


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