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22 Oct 2018

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October 22, 2018


Lisa Hurley, Executive Director

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York County Development Corporation

Cheree Folts, Director of Parks and Recreation for York, has recently been featured in York County Development Corporation’s (YCDC) talent initiative video titled “Why York County”. Available on YouTube and the YCDC website, the video highlights the success of local community members and the career benefits they have experienced by living in York County, Nebraska.

Moving back to York after college enabled Cheree Folts to realize her professional goals and to secure her dream job as the Director of Parks and Recreation. Initially she started working for the Parks and Recreation Department as an Adult League Supervisor, before being promoted to Recreation Coordinator. By demonstrating leadership and initiative, she was able to quickly climb the ladder until securing her current position as the organization’s director. It took less than five years for her to move from an entry level position to a director level role. The opportunity to advance this quickly does not typically present itself in larger metropolitan areas, simply because there are more people competing for executive level roles. In York, young professionals like Cheree have the opportunity to advance quickly based on their talents and skill set.

Cheree continues to find great fulfillment in her job stating, “Each day, I have a front row seat in watching the community develop and enjoy what York has to offer professionally as well as volunteer for the local organizations, such as, Teammates, Young Professionals, Girl on the Run, and United Way, all of which enhance the quality of life of the community.”

In addition to experiencing rapid career growth, Cheree has received numerous personal benefits by living in York. She finds great joy in being part of the community, takes pride in having grown up here, and views it as her only real home.  “Home was a place to start my own family, a safe environment for my kids to grow and develop, and there are opportunities for me to achieve my personal and professional goals.”

Cheree views York as a vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams. “What I love most about York is knowing so many of the community members. You feel the love, excitement, and community support at so many of city’s events; we are in it together to make York the best.”

To learn more about Cheree Folts and her rapid career growth in York County, view York County Development Corporation’s first Why York County talent initiative video here

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