Business Brief: Once Upon A Dream

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18 Dec 2018

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York, NE-------Ashley Barker-Chandler opened her new business, Once Upon A Dream, in September of 2018.  A passion that started when she first started creating dresses in 4-H has grown into a full-time job.  Ashley graduated from McCool in 2015 and later from Central Community College with multiple associate’s degrees, including art and business.  While in school, Ashley learned from a friend of a business that was renting dresses in Omaha. With many area places offering men’s suit rental, Ashley realized there was an underserved market of women, who were not wanting to purchase extravagant dresses that may be only worn 1-2 times, but rather rent that dress for a portion of what they may pay versus retail. With her parent’s guidance, who themselves are small business owners, Ashley began the steps of opening a business.  She began by remodeling what was once York Electronics/Radio Shack, and started to gather her inventory. Once Upon A Dream focuses on dress rentals for proms, wedding parties, and other formal events. These rental dresses range from $25 to $250, for a one-week rental. Once Upon A Dream currently has an inventory of over 400 dresses and is adding more every day.  They also do consignment sales and regular sales of dresses.

Through hard work and dedication to her customers, Ashley hopes to grow her store into a one stop shop for wedding parties to help alleviate the stress that comes with wedding planning. Right now, she is focused on growing her business within our community and within the state of Nebraska. What once started as a dream, has become a reality.

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