Talented People are Choosing to Grow their Careers and Families in York County

Talented People are Choosing to Grow their Careers and Families in York County Main Photo

11 Jan 2019

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Talented People are Choosing to Grow their Careers and Families in York County

York County is full of talented people – people like Kelsey Bergen, the Executive Director of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, who was recently featured in York’s Why York County video. Raised in York County, Kelsey moved to Kansas for college, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and returned to the area to launch her career. Upon graduating, she knew that she wanted a career where she could make a difference and an impact. This can be challenging in larger metropolitan areas, where recent college graduates may work for decades before entering leadership positions. In York County, Kelsey was able to demonstrate her skills, enthusiasm and drive, earning the position of Executive Director for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce as a junior in college. With an energy that is contagious, she has led the Chamber forward, working with local business owners and the community to tackle challenges and create opportunities. Opening a non-profit daycare to serve new and existing residents is just one example of how she is building coalitions and getting things done. “I love that I can make a difference in my immediate community and the larger community that will affect the future of our area in positive ways. In just eighteen months the daycare has made it easier for more than twenty-five families to work in our community and I am one of them,” she said.

Kelsey Bergen is one of many talented people who have committed their time and energy to growing York County. She meets with a Women in Business group monthly and is one of several people working with the City Council on long-term strategic planning. That’s the beauty of living in York County – there are talented people here who are committed to the area and working together to enhance the York’s quality of life while creating new opportunities for businesses and residents alike.

So, what leads people like Kelsey Bergen to move back to York County?

When Kelsey left for college, she realized how much she enjoyed the lifestyle she was raised with. When she and her husband decided to get married and start a family, she knew that it was the place she wanted to raise her kids. “When I looked back on growing up, I realized how much I loved the sweet simplicity of life here and knew that my own family would enjoy it.”  It also helped that her husband, Mike Bergen, was interested in becoming a farmer and had the opportunity to do so just outside of York County.

Though Henderson is a small town, the Bergen’s have plenty to do. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors camping, running and spending time with friends. Henderson also hosts a variety of events that they are sure to attend, including Henderson’s Community Days, Spirit of Christmas, weekly Farmers Market and Home Show.

Why should other young families move to York County?

In addition to excellent career opportunities, York County offers families the ability to have it all – good jobs, affordable housing, good schools and a safe community to raise their family. When asked what she loves about living here, Kelsey said, “You get more time with your family and the ability to connect with your community. You see the same people at the grocery store, school, ball games and park, creating a strong sense of community that truly embodies the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a family…’ My village includes friends and family but also people who work at the school, grocery store and even local business owners. You just don’t get that in a larger city.”

Anyone who is looking to change their career or change their life should consider relocating to York County. For more information, contact Derek at 402-362-3333.

Here more about what Kelsey had to say on York County’s latest Why York County video!

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