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no inventory tax

no prperty tax

no sales tax on water

no equipment tax

Location Map

Grow Your Business by Expanding to York County Nebraska in this Existing Multi-Tenant Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility

Location Advantages 

  • The majority of the Nation is within a Two-Day Drive
  • The building is within 5 miles north of Interstate 80 (65 miles per hour)
  • For more information on utilities and other items, click here »
  • 122,745 SF Multi-tenant Lease Options, with 7 Acres to be Developed
  • 3 Warehouses Updated with Fire Suppression System, Bathrooms and Ready to Lease
    • Warehouse C: 33,650 SF
    • Warehouse D: 17,430 SF
    • Warehouse E: 17,175 SF
  • Download Floor Plan

*No Sales Tax on Water Used Exclusively in Manufacturing and Processing
**No Sales Tax on Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment, and Related Service

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