Family Life Specialist
Full-TimeFamily Life SpecialistatEpworth Village Inc.
Available Openings: 1
Apply By: September 30, 2022
Industry: Family Life Services
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: 18.94
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

The Family Life Specialist will be employed by Epworth Village, Inc. and will report to the In Home Family Services Manager/Supervisor. The individual may be responsible for foster care, family support, visitation, and drug screening. A Family Life Specialist’s job will vary based on caseload needs and required responsibilities to complete tasks at hand.


- Complete intakes within outlined time-frame. - Be available to support In-home families, be available for crisis management, and other possible phone calls 24 hours per day. - Develop and implement corrective action plans to address skill areas needing further development to assist families in meeting their goals set forth by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services. - Guide and teach parents in addressing behavioral or other identified areas of improvement within the home. - Advocate for the family ensuring all physical and emotional needs are met. - Provide supervision, when required, to ensure safety for visits between child(ren) and his/her biological parents. - Provide transportation for children to and from visitation. - Assist families in locating community resources to assist their family needs.


Bachelor’s Degree in human services, such as, but not limited to, a Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, and Early Childhood Development, or a related field. The Family Life Specialist may also be enrolled in college and be within two semesters of completing a Bachelor’s Degree in human services or a related field.

Epworth Village Inc.

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