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01 March 2021

Hello and welcome everyone. Coming to you live from the YCDC offices here in York County, I’m Matías Castaño. Coming up here in this week’s business highlight, we get to look into a live streaming business based in a small town, Henderson Nebraska.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at the weather as we head into the first week of March here in York County.

It’s warming up!

Okay! Back to the news on this week’s business highlight!

Hi, my name is Matías Castaño and that was quite the anchor intro. I want to invite you on a journey that will help us get to know the exceptional businesses that surround us here in York County.

Today, we highlight Striv. A company founded in 2012 by someone whose idea could’ve planted roots in any city, but ended up in Henderson, Nebraska, for being the perfect place to do so. This person designed a live streaming version of School Sports, where the students participate in the on-site production themselves to create a business model that stands apart from others of its kind. So who is the mastermind behind this grand and unique idea? Let me introduce to you Striv Inc.’s Founder & CEO, Taylor Siebert.

Taylor founded Striv around the time when live streaming was still an emerging technology. It all began with one simple contract at a school in Henderson, and after some time, Striv’s first customer realized the value of the services being provided to them. Through word of mouth, the 27 year old began to work with other schools in the area and soon enough, Striv branched out to other parts of the state of Nebraska.

Striv focuses on providing high schools with the tools needed to live video stream their school events, while at the same time preparing a centralized online location for all of the material the schools capture. As they were being welcomed into other schools, Striv developed a routine to ensure the understanding and capability of the staff and students regarding the custom school dashboard they provide. The tools and lessons at hand enable the staff and students in the process of starting, monitoring, and managing their new equipment.

Today, Striv works with more than 150 schools and continues to grow. So, how do they keep up with the workload? “We didn’t have people to do all these games,” Taylor said, “so we got the kids involved.” Students who begin with an interest in video and audio production often benefit the most when that passion blooms with Striv.

We can learn a lot from these types of students, from the willingness to learn, to the determination. Which is exactly the type of person Taylor is. When moving back from Colorado to his hometown in Nebraska, Taylor was determined to win, to make something out of nothing. “In the last 10-12 years all my dreams have come together because of Striv,” Siebert said.

But, let’s not forget the famous saying, “Behind Every Great Man There Is a Great Woman.” Taylor’s wife Jessica was the perfect piece for the birth of Striv and its many successes since. Other members of the group who were instrumental in the launch of Striv along with all of the company’s progress include Lowell and Shannon Siebert who are Taylor’s parents, and Alyssa Bartek. And although I don’t necessarily form part of their key success, I have learned—like every other business in York County—to Striv[e] on their success.

Did you catch that? Clever I’d say. Nonetheless.

As this segment comes to an end, I’d like to let you know it's safe to go outside once again. The snow is melting and the sun is shining.

Glad we could come together. This has been YCDC’s Business Highlight. I’m Matías Castaño. Good day, good tomorrow, and as always… God Bless!

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