The estimated annualized average base cost per kilowatt-hour for a small commercial customer would be in the 8-9 cent range. The average base cost for a medium sized commercial or industrial customer would be 6-7 cents per kilowatt-hour. The cost for a large industrial customer would range from 4.5 cents to 5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. For a copy of rate schedules and more detailed rate information, contact the electric service providers below.

York, NE Electrical Service Served by NPPD

About NPPD

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is the electric supplier to York and is Nebraska’s largest electric utility with a chartered territory including all or parts of 84 of Nebraska’s 93 counties. NPPD is a vertically integrated utility operating generating facilities, transmission and distribution facilities in an integrated network across Nebraska.  NPPD’s generation comes from a diversified mix including coal, nuclear, wind, hydro, solar, and natural gas. Approximately 46% of NPPD’s energy generated in 2015 was carbon free. For the past three years, NPPD’s reliability as measured by the Average Service Availability Index has exceeded 99.9% system wide. NPPD serves over 18,000 commercial and industrial customers with an industrial rate in the lowest 8% nationally.


Renewable Energy Programs


NPPD has a proven way of helping large commercial and industrial customers reach their long term renewable, sustainable goals in a cost effective manner. Through very attractive low cost Power Purchase Agreements NPPD has arranged with wind developers (Nebraska has one of the best wind resources in the world), coupled with a unique financial hedge component, prospective companies are seeing an NPPD-served industrial site as a competitive advantage. NPPD has recently completed such an arrangement with Becton Dickinson Corporation and is available at your convenience to discuss how we can help your client reach its renewable energy goals.

NPPD has also implemented a smaller scale green energy program whereby customers may purchase blocks of renewable energy, at cost, in whatever quantities they choose.

Other Available Services

NPPD is committed to helping customers maximize the value of their energy expenses by offering technical support on energy efficiency and other energy related issues as well as energy efficiency incentive programs. In addition to in-house technical support resources, NPPD is a member of the Electric Power Research Institute and co-founded the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Energy Sciences Research.

Service to Proposed Sites

The City of York is fed from a networked 115kV transmission system,  a 34.5kV sub-transmission system, and a 12.5kV distribution system. NPPD can provide service to York sites at any industry standard voltage and offers rate options for industrial customers based on their load profile and desire to own portions of their own utility infrastructure (e.g. primary voltage transformers).

Rural York County Electrical Service served by Perennial Public Power District

About Perennial Public Power District

Perennial Public Power District (Perennial) provides reliable electric service to seven communities and all of the rural areas in York County. As a not-for-profit utility that has been in business over 75 years, Perennial is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors elected from the customers it serves. Focusing on customer service and low costs, Perennial’s electric rates are well below the national average.

Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund  

Perennial actively participates in the development of communities in the area. Through its Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund, Perennial enhances the economic climate of the area by helping finance projects that lead to the creation of jobs and sustained economic growth. Low interest loans are available for a term of up to 10 years for projects such as medical or other emergency facilities; training and educational facilities; community infrastructure; small business start-up projects; small business expansion projects; business incubators; and commercial or industrial development.

Economic Development Rate

In addition to local and state incentives available to new or expanding businesses, Perennial offers a discounted economic development electric rate as an additional incentive to current and prospective customers. The rate is available to customers that add a minimum of 1,000 kW of load, and who have a monthly load factor of at least 60%. The discounted rate will be provided for a period of up to 5 years

Natural Gas

York County, Nebraska is served by Black Hills Energy for natural gas services. Black Hills Energy is the retail supplier with Kinder Morgan being the transmission provider. For information on rate schedules, services and more detailed information, contact a staff member at YCDC or Black Hills Energy directly.


Water service in York County is dependent on location with supply not being an issue. The City of York Water Division provides water service within the corporate limits. The system is supplied by 16 wells averaging 300 feet in depth. The system has a maximum capacity of 9,964,800 gallons per day with an average daily demand of 1,748,000 gallons.


Wastewater service in York County is dependent on location with service and supply not being an issue. The Wastewater Division is responsible for the Treatment Plant and Sewer System maintenance. The City of York owns and operates public wastewater system is operated. The capacity is 3M gallons peak/day with average utilization of 1.4M gal/day.  There is a 5.3 MGD peak/hour.


York County is served by Hamilton Telecommunications, Unite Private Networks, Kinetic by Windstream, Mainstay Communications,Spectrum, and Exede for telecommunication services.

  • Hamilton Telecommunications, an Aurora, NE based-company, is a provider of I.T., telecommunication, and high speed fiber-optic based connectivity solutions.  Hamilton’s fiber-optic network delivers business-class Ethernet, dedicated internet access, and wide area network services. Hamilton provides: dedicated fiber connections directly to the customer premise; diverse routing; redundant tier 1 internet connections; bandwidth options ranging from 3 Mbps to 10 Gbps; fully managed I.T. services including LAN and WAN management; cloud services; hosted PBX; managed hosting and data center services; and firewall management — all with simple and competitive pricing. 
  • Unite Private Networks (UPN) provides high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and services to businesses. They provide the following services: dedicated Internet Access, MPLS, Dark Fiber, Metro E, Mobile Backhaul, and DWDM services.
  • Kinetic by Windstream Provides MPLS and Internet services from 3Mbps scalable to 1 Gbps of bandwidth. All of our MPLS and Ethernet services are symmetrical upload and download connections that are managed for performance and stability. York, NE has (2) 1 Gbps feeds for Internet and MPLS services and is part of (2) redundant transport rings in Southeast Nebraska, protecting telecommunication routes to Omaha and Lincoln.”
  • Mainstay Communications provides telecommunications services in Henderson and wireless broadband services to York County.  Mainstay Communications is an advanced telecommunications provider in Henderson offering phone service with the most up to date digital central office in the area. Our outside plant is 100% buried fiber providing all our subscribers with the ability to access high speed internet through DSL services.
  • Spectrum provides high speed internet services, cable services, and digital phone services. Time Warner Business Class provides the following services: Fiber Based Products, Network Services, Cloud Desktop as a Service, Application Services, Enterprise Mobility Management, Hosting Services, Managed Network, Video, Business Class Internet, Data Storage, Web Hosting, and Telephone.
  • Viasat provides satellite internet.